Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pink eye!

My 4 year old came home with a note last week saying that there had been a case of pink eye in the class.  I spring into germaphobe mom and the hand-washing police.  I figure we are in the clear when a week goes by with only what looks like allergy eye issues.  Then Monday rolls around and I wake up to burning eyes that are almost sealed shut.  I bravely look in the mirror and realize that everyone else is fine but I have pink BOTH eyes!  I start thinking that maybe it is allergies or a reaction to something I changed in my facial care regimen but nothing really explains the major crusties, swollen eyes, and burning fire red marbles that have become my eyes other than pink eye.  I finally got my drops yesterday  so I am officially on the mend.  I'm still hoping none of the little ones in the house get it but is it bad that I secretly hope my husband does?  He acts like I'm exaggerating how annoying and uncomfortable this is.  If he only knew...

I did make some cards last week and I failed to post them so I will share them now!  I hope you enjoy!

 This was made using the Imagine to create the cloud background and the Country Life cartridge for the remaining die cuts.  The stamp set is from My Pink Stamper. 

This was made using the Country Life cartridge again and a stamp from My Pink Stamper!  Can you tell I was making cards for my husband again?

Finally, I have been REALLY busy working on my niece's graduation announcement.  This is version 12 or you have any idea how picky teenagers are?  Ha ha!!  I think she is finally happy with this one but we shall see!

I hope you guys have had a great week and that pink eye stays away from your house!  ;)

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