Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Snowman on a Chilly Day

Oh my, it is COLD here today and it's only getting colder.  Thank goodness for fuzzy slippers.  :)  My boys are annoyed with the cold because there is no snow.  They keep saying that there is no reason for it to be cold if there isn't any snow.  I have to admit, I agree.  Not that I want a ton of snow.  I'm not ready to break my back shoveling but enough to play in would be perfect!  Maybe Friday...there is a chance.

We've been busy busy.  Are you surprised?  Ha ha!  Basketball for my little guy started this week and he is loving it.  Wrestling is in full swing and gymnastics is still going strong.  Throw in Christmas parties and concerts...CRAZY!  I will say, I feel more relaxed this year because I'm giving myself a break.  Christmas cards are going out when they go out.  I'm not stressing about having them done and sent by a certain date.  If people get a winter card rather than a Christmas card, I'm ok with that.  I'm trying to look at all the obligations of the season that way and, so far, it is working to keep my stress level down.  In honor of winter cards, I created this super cute snowman card!  LOVE IT!

This card was created completely with element from a Clique Kit.  I used the packaging from a product to add the light blueish background before adding my cute snowman sticker.  This amazing acrylic word looked awesome with the card and snowman so, on it went.  I dotted my "i" with an enamel dot and finished it all off with a banner sentiment sticker which I think made it all come together.  Here's another look:

Thanks so much for checking out my card for today.  I hope you are having an amazing holiday season!  See you tomorrow for another CAS(E) this Sketch challenge!

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