Thursday, November 16, 2017

CTS #248

It's an awesome morning here in the Larson house!  My oldest turned 14 yesterday and got his Learner's Permit and I survived letting him drive on the highway at night.  WHOA!  I swear the kid is supposed to still be 10.  How in the world did this happen?  Luckily, he is a responsible, sweet, and caring young man and I'm so proud of him.  I'm busy gearing up for his friends to come over to spend the night tomorrow.  I'm sure they will have a blast and I will only lose small amounts of hair.  Ha ha! 

I'm so glad I have an amazing hobby to keep me sane with all these changes going on around me.  Not only is the hobby awesome, the people that share this love of card making with me are awesome.  I have met so many amazing men and woman around the world through blogs and get togethers.  I am one lucky lady to be a part of all of this. 

One of my favorite parts of this hobby is running CAS(E) this Sketch.  I sort of came to it on accident but I'm so SO glad it fell in my lap!  I just love being a part of people being inspired and sharing their amazing creations and I hope you all will continue to love our little challenge!  Ok, you came here for my card, not my rambling.  Ha ha!  Here's my take on this two-week challenge.

I found this cool paper in the Pinkfresh Studios Oh Joy 6x6 paper pack and the mistletoe peeking out of the top corner went perfectly with this week's sketch.  I cut it and lined it with some green cardstock for a border before adding it to another cool paper from the pack.  Then, all I had to do was create a sentiment.  I really have no idea where that acrylic? Merry came from.  It was probably a kit but it's been hanging around in my bins for awhile.  I figured it was time to get some use out of it.  So, I positioned that and then placed my stamps around it.  Then I removed the Merry and stamped the sentiment in place.  Finally, I glued down the my acrylic word.  It wasn't super easy to get a good photo of this card but I think you get the idea.  Here's a closer look:

Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me ramble on!  I hope you'll join us over at CAS(E) this Sketch for a fun two-week challenge!  See you there.


  1. Oh am I glad it DID fall into your lap, Chrissy! A beautiful card ... and wonderful leader! xx

  2. stunning design, Chrissy! Love that graphic background and tiny bits of color.


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