Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's Your Birthday, DONUTS! ;)

Good morning, everyone!  Happy Thanksgiving eve.  ;)  I have a quick card set to share with you and I wanted to do it before I gorge myself on turkey and the fixings tomorrow.  I make lots of birthday cards... I mean TONS!  Our church sends out birthday cards to all the congregation members and I make every single one.  I LOVE IT!  It gives me a chance to try out new ideas and practice my mass producing skills.  It also doesn't hurt that making all those cards TOTALLY justifies needing more supplies.  I made some fun cards this time around but I wanted to share this one with you because it is simple and so easy to make for boys, girls, men, or women.  Can't beat a card like that, right?  Well, here it is:

See what I mean?  Simple and easily adaptable.  I used the Lil' Inker Designs Eat More Donuts and Fancy Feathers stamp sets to create these cards.  I started with some cream cardstock for a base and stamped my sentiment and donut ring in chocolate brown.  Then I went crazy with different frosting colors (these two were my favs).  I added some fun enamel dots to add a few extra "sprinkles" to the card.  They turned out super cute and you can crank these out in no time which is one of the things that I love about the Eat More Donuts set.  It looks awesome if you keep it clean and simple but you can totally gussy it up and make it fancy too.  LOVE!

I hope you enjoyed my cards and that you have a wonderful time with your family and friends this holiday.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. super fun, gotta love a donut or two :)

  2. Perfect - super fun one layer cards!

  3. Okay first, I love that you said "gussy it up" - that's fabulous! I love these one layer cards!


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