Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finally finished!

Yes, my baby will be 2 on Thursday and I am JUST finishing up his 1st year scrapbook.  I admit it, I let this one get WAY out of my scrapbooking scope but far worse is our yearly family albums.  February of 2010 is the last month I have scrapbooked.  Hmm...I wonder what happened in March that got me so behind? 

It couldn't have been this little bit of sleeping perfection, could it?  Whatever the cause, I'm behind!!!!  I can, however, check one thing off my catch up list.  I finished Micah's first year scrapbook this week and caught up on all the "to file" kids memorabilia.  Whoa, I had no idea how much I had let it slide.  Lucky for me, Becky Higgins inspired me to get on top of it all.  I had a couple brainstorms along the way that I will share in another post.  The most important this is, I'm working on it all!

So, here are the final pages to Micah's scrapbook.  You would think that only having 4 pages left to do, I could have gotten this done months ago.  We'll you thought WRONG!  ;)  Here you go:

There is one more page that I didn't get a chance to photograph before I realized I had left my camera on and drained the battery.  UGH!  So, Micah's 1st birthday page will be on here shortly!  I also have a glimpse into how I document our family's moments that I will be sharing soon also!  Hope you enjoyed the pages!

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  1. I sure did. They are adorable! Boys and pages...


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