Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two more blessings!

This post is about two more amazing blessings in my life.  Gee...I'm pretty darn lucky!  I have some amazing family and I couldn't be happier to be included in the ranks of the Larsons, Anos, Pfeifers, and Spenards.  Each marriage and birth in these families has only brought me more to be thankful for! 

A certain nephew of mine, that has a birthday this week, holds an especially special spot in my heart.  Four years ago this coming Thursday, I was party to an amazing event.  I was innocently rearranging furniture under the watchful eye of my sister-in-law, Christina, to get her living room ready for a new baby.  My brother was making himself useful in the other room (he was playing computer games).  It was three weeks before my new nephew was supposed to make his appearance so we were trying to get everything ready thinking we had plenty of time.  Christina sat down to take a break and got a strange look on her face.  Then things got a little crazy!  Her water had broken and my nephew decided I needed to be there when he was born instead of 3 hours away.  My brother scooted around the house in a daze while Christina and I directed him on what he should be doing.  He flipped out because she wanted to take a shower before heading to the hospital.  I've never seen my usually REALLY chill brother in such a panic.  We put him on the phone with the doctor and then Christina's mom to calm him down.  The later didn't do much to calm him down since she was so shocked she just kept telling us all to calm down.  It was funny, crazy, and exciting all at once.

We drove to the hospital and after hours and hours of labor (I don't know how she did it!) my little perfect nephew was born.  He was perfect and had more hair than any baby should ever be born with.  It was love at first site.  I was so lucky to have been there for this big day and to hold my sweet little nephew when he was only hours old.  There is no way that was four years ago!  He's growing up so fast and is still the perfect little specimen he was on that first day.  Garret is a blessing to all of us.  He's smart, funny, and adorable!  He deserves a very special card and that is what I set out to make.

Here it is:

The front of this card uses Papertrey Ink products including the Train Tracks stamp set.  I have yet to play with that set and it is ADORABLE.  I'm not perfectly happy with the front and wish I would have used a bigger "Happy" stamp but I LOVE the train!  I made the interior of this card using a template on my Silhouette for a pop-up card.  It totally turns a boring card into one that I just know my nephew will love!

The second blessing I'm posting about today is my middle son, Abram.  He's going to be 5 on October 2nd.  It seems like only yesterday he was this little bundle of LOUD!!!  He has always been silly, fun, smiley, but especially loud.  In fact, the first comment my mother made upon meeting him was that she had never heard a newborn with such a loud cry.  
He's my little goofball.  A bundle of drama that can have you laughing one second and wanting to pull your hair out the next.  No matter what, having Abram around makes life an adventure.  

When asked what he wanted for his birthday theme, he immediately said monkeys.  He has always had a thing for monkeys and no other animal sums up his personality better.  He flips and flops, climbs on everything, and acts goofy all the time!  Luckily, Target has some AWESOME monkey party stuff from Paul Frank.  I decided on digital invitations this year because I wanted his goofiness to be front and center.  Abram obliged me with the PERFECT picture and the invitations were made. 

We are now ready to PARTY!!

I hope you enjoyed today's post!  I had fun writing about these two amazing boys!  Have a great day!

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