Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My favorite 14 year olds' birthday!

Well, two of my favorite 14 year olds celebrated their birthday this past weekend!  Emily and Noah are my sister-in-law, Jenny's, oldest kids!  These two are amazing in completely different ways! 

Noah, I feel a real kinship with.  His mind works much like my own and I don't find people like that often.  I just feel like I kind of "get" him and I like that.  He's smart, funny, helpful, smart, sweet, and did I say smart?  He's like a book and with each page that is turned, I find something new and intriguing.  My youngest and Noah have quite the little bond and it warms my heart everytime I see Micah reach up for Noah's hand.

Emily...wow!  She's amazing but you have to know her to understand why.  She's quiet, smart, and funny but most of all she is caring.  She is probably one of the most caring kids I know and that earns her a VERY special place in my heart.  She loves animals...probably even more than I do.  I know that if anyone would understand the sadness I feel when an animal is hurt or killed, Emily will.  She's also amazing and I mean AMAZING with my kids.  They all adore her and really who couldn't? 

I feel very blessed to have two amazing teenagers in my life and I still can't believe they are 14.  It seems like only yesterday that I was watching them roll around on the floor while I played peek-a-boo with them.  Two amazing kids deserve two one-of-a-kind birthday cards. 

When I make cards for my family, I never make an extra to keep for later.  I like for each card to really mean something and for them to know that I feel they deserve something as special as they are.  Here's a glimpse of the cards I made for Emily and Noah:

Noah's card is an electric guitar I cut using my Silhouette.  He's decorating his bedroom in guitars and I know it will ROCK!  Noah is one of those kids who can pick up an instrument and figure it out.  He never ceases to amaze me!

Emily's card turned out really well!  I loved the drum set and it just seemed to suit her.  I also cut this out using my Silhouette.  Emily is also gifted musically (these kids TOTALLY get it from their mother who sings like an angel!) and got a new guitar for her birthday.  I'm waiting to hear her play for us and I can't wait!

I hope you enjoyed a quick glimpse of what a lucky aunt I am and why I make cards like I do.  When you make cards for people, it is like sending a little bit of yourself along with the card and I love that feeling!

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