Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another SWEET Release!

Good morning and welcome to another awesome month of Sweet Stamp Shop goodness!  This is my second post for today.  If you are looking for my CAS(E) this Sketch post, it's right below this one!  ;)

I must say that this month's stamps totally inspired me.  They are totally unique to the stamps I currently have that I was a little scared at first.  That certainly didn't last long as I got working with them.  You won't believe the fun you can have with these sets.  All you have to do is check out the variety of ideas the design team came up with and you'll be amazed.

These stamps inspired me to make some interactive cards.  It all started with the Foxy set.  Just look:

Seriously?  This set is just SCREAMING to be a spinner card, right?  I figured with the popularity of the "What Does the Fox Say" song, it would be a super fun card for my teen nephew's birthday.  What do you think?

Just for a little extra fun, I thought I'd share my little one's rendition of the song.  He he!  ;)

Next up, Anatomy of Love.  This just screamed for a slider card to bring two lovers together...just in time for Valentines, right?  ;)

Here's the slider card I created with this awesome set.  I love the little heart as a pull! 

Another take on this stamp set came to me later that afternoon.  Not interactive but still plenty of fun!

Ummm...then another came a few days later.

See how much fun you can have with this set?  It's really awesome.  As if that wasn't enough awesome, Sweet Stamp Shop now has an awesome set of basic sentiments called Just the Basics.  It's a great set with some fun and unexpected sentiments.  

I decided to create a card with a giant ring that had a window opening to share some good news.

Would that not be a super fun way to share the news of an engagement?  The best thing is, this set has TONS of great sentiments to share.  LOVE it!

Last but not least is the great Numbers - Symbols set.  I love the shape and size of these numbers and there are a MILLION things you can do with make 1,000,000.  Ha ha!

I had tons of ideas running through my head for this set and you may see some of them on upcoming Sketches 2 Ways posts but I stumbled into this creation and I sort of love it.

Thank goodness for stamp presses!  Ha ha!  I hope you enjoyed my cards and want to run out and add all of these stamp sets to your collection.  If so, I have a coupon code (CSD10) just for you!  How awesome is that? 

Check the Sweet Blog on Monday for more of my series using CAS(E) this Sketch sketches with Sweet Stamp Shop goodies.  Also, go ahead and LIKE Sweet Stamp Shop on Facebook to get all the latest on new releases and sneak peaks.  You won't be sorry you did.  Have a super sweet day!


  1. Your cards are just wonderful. You did SSS proud :)

    1. Awww! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such sweet thoughts.

  2. WOW, oh WOW! Such AWESOME cards!! :)

  3. I lOVE how interactive your cards are sooo incredibly cute!!!

  4. So many fabulous cards, love it when inspiration strikes and the stamps look great. The interactive cards are a brilliant idea :)

  5. adorable and brilliant are these cards? Only to the nth degree! You have 'interactive' down to a fine art; those here are simply amazing. Your showcase of the versatility and possibilities of these sets is wonderful. Mrs and Mr. Sweet are so fortunate to have you on their DT. Yes, the stamps are unique, and in your hands, they become magical. I'm in awe...Thank you so much for visiting my blog where I share my "amateur" card attempts. Coming here to see yours - inspiration, plus!

  6. Sweeeet projects, Chrissy! And now I have to go shopping....

  7. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!! these cards...amazing!!! all of the interactive elements are just mind blowing!! the slider card - awesome!! the spin card - SHOW STOPPER and the ring card - JAW DROPPING! seriously, wow! i loooove the cards you made with the anatomy of love stamp set (i just ordered mine and can't wait to use it!!!) so so so creative!!

  8. These cards are amazing Chrissy! You've showcased each stamp set so beautifully!

  9. Chrissy, these cards are brilliant!! I can't decide which one I like best. They're all so clever and beautifully executed. And your little guy? He rocks!

  10. Fabulous projects Chrissy! You are ROCKIN' those SSS :)


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