Monday, February 4, 2013

My Nephew's Birthday

Guy cards are a constant struggle for me.  I often think a card I make is unisex only to have my husband tell me it's too girly.  You'd think with three boys and 6 nephews, I'd be a pro at the boy card.  I guess my girlishness just takes over when I'm making cards.  So, what do I do when I have my 17 year old nephew's birthday to go to?  Try my darnedest to make a boy card.  ;)

Here's what I came up with and I was pretty happy with it until I realized that when we were ready to leave my splatter still hadn't dried all the way.  It only stuck to the inside of the envelope a little biggie, right?  Ha ha!

Stamps:  Jibber Jabber (The Alley Way Stamps)
Inks:  Grass (Amuse)
Paper:  Sock Hop Card Kit (Studio Calico), Packaging From SC Stamp Set
Misc:  Elements From Sock Hop Card Kit (Studio Calico), Arrow - Central High Card Kit (Studio Calico), 3D Foam Shapes ( Scrapbook Adhesives), Sunset Mister (Mister Huey)

So, is it boyish enough?  What's your thought process when making masculine cards?


  1. Totally boyish enough! Love the colours you used and the combo of shapes and patterns. It's really cool and is going straight into my CASE file!

  2. Boyish and absolutely awesome...the paint splatter is awesome and all the elements you added are perfectly placed.

  3. This is wonderful. And I'm so with ya on the not-dry-yet problem. Which means you're a last-minute girl, like me?!?!?


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