Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's Monkey Around! ;)

I promised you a peek at my middle child's Valentines and I always keep my promises! ;) You'll have to forgive my horrible fingernail polish (I really need to take it off!). Abram, my middle son, LOVES lollipops. That made them the perfect canvas for his Valentines! Here they are...all 15 of them:

They turned out really well and he is super excited about them. Of course, he wants to eat all the lollipops and just give out the monkeys but that is beside the point.

I cut the lollipop covers at 3" x 6", folded them in the center and made a hole for the stick to go through the fold. I then stapled the flaps together at the top so I could cover the staples with the monkeys! I cut the monkey (From Create A Critter...of course!) at 3.5" and the heart at 1". The stamp is the same I used in the puppy Valentines.

I hope you enjoyed a peek at both of my boys' Valentines (and my horrible nail care). I've really enjoyed sharing it with you!


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