Monday, March 18, 2019

Cleaning the Crafty Space

Have you ever reached a point in your craftiness where it looks like all the fun stuff you own has exploded every where and it actually stresses you out to go to your crafty space rather than being relaxing.  Yup, you guessed it, that is the point I am at but I'm determined to fix that.  As luck would have it, contacted me to see if I would try out some cool organization tools from Deflecto.  You can bet my answer was a super quick but well thought out.....YES!!!!!!

I have two main areas that drive me crazy in my craft open bin of embossing powders, glitter, shaker card filler things, and other odds and ends that just get all jumbled up and hard to dig through.  I'll show you a picture in just a second.  They other is this cool shelf I bought that holds my glitter tape and twine but in retrospect, doesn't really do the job.  When I grab something, especially the twine, from the shelf I topple all the others.  The twine is especially annoying because it is a little too small to have any support from the shelf.  It rolls every where and then my fuzzy helper cat, plays with it dragging it all over the house.  I find twine everywhere.  Here's a peek at my bin of doom and gloom:

Yup, lots of fun stuff but you try sending a 12 year old boy down to find glitter for slime in that mess.  He brought up about 20 embossing powders before finally stumbling on glitter.  Plus, all those little bags hold loads of fun stuff I have collected here and there but I can't ever see what is what.  Enter the Deflecto Caddy Organizer!  This guy has a small, medium, and large compartment and I decided to use it to make myself a portable embossing station.  How cool does that sound?

Here's everything all happily tucked inside.  For now my heat gun sits on top but I may try to concoct a way to attach it to this awesome caddy!  

Look at all those happy embossing powders?  I decided to flip them so I could easily see what color I'm grabbing.

Each of the compartments pull out so I can have my embossing ink and buddy right next to me (but still corralled) when the embossing mood strikes!  Love it but what happened to all the glitter and stuff?  Enter the Deflecto Washi Tape Storage Cube which can hold WAY more than just washi!  Just look:

I could fit all my little baggies of fun in the top and have space to see them!  The next level held all my glitter and shaker card fillers and I still had room in the bottom to add more sparkle by tossing in my Stickles and even glue!  It's all right next to me so I can easily find the bling I need.

Finally, my twine is safe from prying cat paws in the Deflecto Ribbon Dispenser.  Now that I have seen how nicely these fit in this container and how I can put this in a Deflecto Caddy Organizer and then stack them (yup, they stack), I'm going to get some for my glitter tape also and use the shelf for something else!  My desktop cubby looks so much nicer now and I don't have to grab everything I own just to find my embossing or my twine.  It has it's own space thanks to and Deflecto

I was given these products to try out and give my honest reviews on so everything above is my honest feelings about them.  Thanks so much for checking them out!

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