Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's SWEET time again!

It's that time again!  I can't wait to share just how awesomely inspiring this month's release has been.  I swear, you are going to want it ALL!  First, I have a little info for you.  Hopefully, you all LIKE the Sweet Stamp Shop Facebook page and already know all of this but just in case, I'll fill you in on the news for this release.

Each month there is a super SWEET release event on Facebook which you can find by checking the Events tab on the SSS Facebook page or by being invited by one of the designers (you are welcome to friend me to get invites from me).  By joining this event each month, you get early access to ordering the new release stamps and an extra special discount for the event.  Well, the pre-release event was SO popular this month and the stamps are SO awesome, that they are almost all gobbled up!  Can you even believe it?  Lucky for you, Nicole is already on it and has stamps on the way so you won't have to be Sweetless for long.  ;)  Even cooler, she's letting you use the new release coupon code (NRF20) now or if what you're hunting for is out of stock, you can use the same code when the stamps are back in stock.  Is that awesome, or what?  What's the big take home from all of this?  YOU WANT TO BE IN THE NEW RELEASE EVENTS GROUP!  If you are like me and can't wait to get new stamps in your hot little hands, you want first dibs, right?  So, LIKE our Facebook Page, check the Events tab, and friend one of us on FB to make sure you get the invite.  You DON'T want to miss it next month!  ;)

Now on to the fun stuff.  This month was a super fun one and I can't wait to show you what I created.  First up, Stuck On You

How adorable is this set?  I ended up creating one of my favorite cards of all time with this set so I only made one card!  Can you believe it?  Don't worry, you'll be seeing more of this awesome set on Monday when I show it off in my Sketches 2 Ways series.  For now, this will have to do:

How perfectly adorable is that spiky little cactus?  What about that bling?  The sequins are courtesy of Pretty Pink PoshPaulina was gracious enough to share some goodies with us for this release and boy were they fun to play with!  Even cooler...Nicole has a giveaway on the blog right now so you can win some PPP goodies for yourself!  So, go try to win but you MUST go check out Paulina's amazing selection of goodies.  You won't leave without ordering warned!  ;)

Next up, Sparkle and Shine.  

LOVE this set!  Who doesn't need a great set of stampable bling?  You will love the sentiments in this set and talk about fun jewels and sequins.  I love that you can pair they with dimensional bling to get a super cool look.  Plus, there are tons of ways to use them.  I was so inspired, I made three cards!  ;)  These first two you have probably already seen on the Sweet FB page or blog.

The card above was super fun to make and I love how versatile these awesome jewels are.  What other creative ways can you come up with for this set?

The last set I got to play with this month was Announcing.  Super elegant and who doesn't love banners?

I had some fun with this set, creating two cards:

I love that I can use the birds on their own, with the banners, or forget the birds and only use banners.  SO many ways to go with this set and so many different banner options.  I'm dying to make a card with the little pennants hanging on the string and floating away with some birds carrying it.  Makes me think of Cinderella when the birds help her create her dress with scraps from around the house.  Ok, I know, my mind is going off on a tangent.  Ha ha!  Some sweet little birds most have brought some sequins in for this card and placed them just right!  Again, more Pretty Pink Posh goodness!

I hope you enjoyed my creations with the new release.  They are super fun stamps and you will not want to go without them in your stash.  So, get over to the shop and order!!  Don't forget the coupon code (NRF20).  Thanks for checking out my blog and I can't wait to see you back here soon.  Have a great day. 


  1. Stoooop!! Stop being so awesome! You're making me want all of these sets!!!!

  2. Whoa tons of eye candy! Excellent work!

  3. All kinds of fun happening on the the sentiments they are awesome...I think I might be singing Can't Touch This all day now :)

  4. Aww... this are AMAZING projects fave is the last one, Awesome with the hearts a banners :)

  5. Fabulous cards! Nearly impossible to choose a favourite, but the cactus is so cute I have to put it tops :)


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