Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Good morning!  My mojo is making an attempt to return but I've been more busy organizing my craft room than creating in it.  Oh well.  Once it's organized I know the inspiration will flow. 

One of my cousins is getting married this fall and for some reason I was inspired to get working on card ideas for the wedding right this second.  Who knows what makes my brain work this way.  She grew up in both FL and upstate NY and now lives in the city but get this, she's getting married in Indiana!  I found that so funny and so sweet also.  She a city girl with country in her heart and I love that!  Her wedding is going to be awesome, just like she is!  I thought I'd share a little peek at one of the card ideas I was working on.  My problem is that I have a million ideas and I know I'm just going to have to get them all down on cards and then pick the one I love the best.  Hopefully, I can do the ideas in my mind justice on a card.  Anyway, here's my first card attempt:

I'll try to come back later today and put my supply list in.  At the moment I'm trying to round up my 3 boys and their cousin to head to the strawberry patch.  Here's to a fun day of berry picking!!


  1. I should be more busy organising my craft room!!!
    Have fun at the strawberry patch :)


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